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  • Children will learn about different cultures, history, and geography at
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  • Children will have fun with activities to do at home in the Arts and Crafts and

  • Children can have fun reading at E Books section. We encourage more reading!

  • Children and Parents can explore the website to listen and dance to music too!

  • Rooster Tunes & Videos will entertain for hours!

Mister Rooster and Pals! teach Life Lessons about Sharing, Pet Care, Being Kind To Others, and more.

Mister Rooster and Pals! is growing! We hope you and your children have a great experience on the website. Enjoy the music, videos, characters, learn, have fun…and come grow with us!

Mister Rooster and Pals! would like you to know that the early childhood years are the most important years when it comes to musical development and children. Children who play or sing music on a regular basis, perform better in reading and math when they begin elementary school.

Since singing, playing instruments, and dancing to music increases both fine and gross motor skills and helps develop hand-eye coordination, these children are better able to control their bodies. Children actively involved in music also tend to have high self-esteem and are better at playing with others. Just watch how Benny the Bunny’s self-esteem rises throughout the E Books and during his song titled “Don’t Be Shy”, where Benny eventually takes center stage.

It is important for parents, child care providers, and preschool teachers to provide an environment rich with music and movement, to allow for the exploration of musical equipment, and to engage in plenty of diverse, stimulating musical activities. This is where children will have active minds watching The Rooster Tunes & Videos section too!

Seek out organizations that recommend ways to encourage music development in infants and toddlers. Parents, child care providers, and preschool teachers can engage in activities that involve singing songs and rhymes that involve a variety of meters and tones. Mister Rooster and Pals! is here to help…songs can be purchased thorough iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Music for infants and toddlers should also incorporate a variety of sound sources, and include selected music, as well as improvised songs. Musical choices should vary and include a wide range of culture and styles. Mister Rooster and Pals! songs are of every genre, making it interesting and fun for the children. We can encourage music development in young children by exposing them to both live and recorded music.

We hope you enjoy the music and videos Mister Rooster and Pals! have created.

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