Mister Rooster Testimonials




The website is so refreshing and the songs are great! I even catch myself singing along with my daughter.
Sheri B, Los Angeles, CA

Mister Rooster and Pals! characters have such unique qualities. It’s hard to choose a favorite character as all of them are one-of-a-kind. My nieces love them all!
Jacquie B., Tampa, FL

We love Mister Rooster and Pals! Our two younger children have so much to do…from reading the books, listening to the music (or I should say, sing along with the music), watching videos, playing games. I cannot wait to see what Mister Rooster and Pals! will come up with next during THE ROOSTER TRAVEL section! Absolutely great! This family is a Rooster Club Member! Woo Hoo!
The L. Family, Tampa, FL

Love the “Learn More By Reading More” tune! It’s a hit! -
Skip M., Florida

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