About the Author, Donna Cardellino




Donna Cardellino – Creator of the Mister Rooster and Pals!
Books and Multi-Platform Brand

A high energy individual, Donna’s past expertise has been centered in the multimedia and music fields.

Donna had a dream about the character Mister Rooster. She envisioned how Mister Rooster could entertain and educate many children worldwide. Her writing and music background incorporated songs, books, humor, and characters that evolved into the Mister Rooster Brand.

The Mister Rooster Brand is a multi-platform brand that offers fun ways to learn, play, and read more…with hours of family bonding! The four main characters are Mister Rooster, Henrietta the wise ole’ Owl, Benny the bashful Bunny, and Waddles the laid back Duck. All characters developed their own special personalities that parents and children enjoy.

Donna created Mister Rooster to offer parents, guardians, and everyone who is looking over our next generation of children, the peace of mind that the Mister Rooster and Pals! Brand, concept, and website are safe environments to enjoy. Donna wants parents and their children to have fun, learn social and developmental skills, bring back some basics in life, and build great family bonding memories together!

Also, Donna is a Creator and Producer of Reality TV shows. She partners with her TV production associates in Los Angeles in the TV business.

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